Two weeks of #CouchTo5K and it’s all good so far!

So I’ve got through 2 full weeks of the Couch to 5K plan so far.

Actually as I write this I’ve also done the 1st Run of Week 3!

There’s been a bit of a delay to this week but I did make sure I got a good work out and plenty of steps with a walk in Derbyshire at the weekend.

We had a really good day, covering 8 miles on the Monsal Trail, although we did call in at a local pub for the way back for some nice dinner but all those step made me work up an appetite.

I have to say I’ve actually really enjoyed the first 2 week and actually feel so much better already.

As I found out Week 3 contained two 3 minute runs I was a little worried that I’d struggle but actually it wasn’t that bad after all.

This time I’m really starting to nail it and I have to admit I look forward more and more to my runs and don’t dread it like I used to, even with the weather being as rubbish as it is.

I also had my weight in last Sunday and found out I’d actually only lost 1/4 of a lb. A little disappointing but it’s only 1 week so we’ll see how Sunday mornings weigh in goes.

Even though I didn’t lose a lot of weight last week I still feel so much better about myself and also feel much healthier.

Looking forward to finishing Week 3 and seeing how Week 4 goes.

The good news is that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel!


We Made It Through #CouchTo5K Week 1!

Yesterday saw me complete the 1st week of the Couch to 5K run.

If feel great that I’ve done the first week but also really struggled with my run yesterday, probably due to having 2 very relaxing rest days.

Nevertheless I did it and actually ran a little further that I had the previous time I used this route. I think that maybe it might have been easier on the flatter route I used for run number 2 at my Mum’s house.

This is the only downside of living between my Fiancé’s parents and also my own mums. At my mum’s the routes I can run are a lot flatter whereas at my fiancé’s parents the routes have quite a few inclines.

It’s something that I’m sure I can get used to though and I’m sure I’ll get through it.

Yesterday also saw me weigh in for the first time since starting my running and eating better and I’m delighted that I’m lighter than I was at the end of November! I’ve managed to avoid too much of a Xmas bulge and now I can kick on and start to shed some lbs.

So what’s the target? Well I think my first aim is to get back to around 18 and a half stone where I was before and then looking further down the road I would really like to get in the 17st range.  Hopefully small steps will see me get there!

Finally before I go just a little shout out to Neil Middleton on twitter (@nrmiddleton) for his encouragement and seeing how far he has come certainly offers me some inspiration! Top work Neil!

Anyway bring on Week 2!

Two Runs Down!

So I’ve just completed Run 2 of Week 1 of the Couch to 5K and I’m feeling pretty good!

Once again I ran once I got home from work and before I had my evening meal.

At first I was feeling really tired when I got back and to be fair my partner was also feeling the same, just wanting to get tucked up in bed! But I was determined to go for a run and had really got myself motivated.

So I forced us both to go and it really felt good despite the freezing cold weather. There was also no Jelly Legs tonight after my run so that was great!

One thing I have been trying to do over the last couple of days is drink a lot more water.  Today I got through 3 of my 800ml at work, the only downside is that I’ve spent more time at the toilet today! Oh well I’ll be fine.

Anyway that’s 2 runs down and 1 to go this week, it’ll either be Saturday or Sunday but again I’m actually looking forward to it and still feeling really motivated. I’m certainly determined to run my belly off! 

Before I go, I was delighted to get a reply from my One You Couch to 5K Coach, Jo Whiley, on Twitter last night.

Thanks Jo for the motivation and keeping me going! Oh and the shins comment! 

Bring on the next run!

Now It Really Begins!

So after a month or so off everything due to illness and Christmas over indulgence. It’s time to really get things going! 

It’s only 99 Days until my wedding day and now the serious hard work begins.

I’ve just completed Week 1, Run 1 of the Couch to 5K programme.  I’m using the ‘One You’ app supported by BBC Inspired.

With this app you pick a coach from the choice of 4.  Sarah Milican, Michael Johnson, Jo Whiley and Sanjeev Kohli.

After much debate I’ve gone for Jo Whiley and began with my first run tonight!


I actually surprised myself a little! Even though it was really cold out there and I had a bit of a headwind to run into I managed to fight through.

So how do I feel after run 1? 

Well actually pretty good, I’m really glad I forced myself to get out there. I think that’s probably the biggest step. Now I’ve just got to make sure I keep it up! 

My legs feel a lot like jelly after the run but it’s actually a good feeling as it means they are doing some work! 

It’s a test day tomorrow before run number 2 on Thursday! 

You know what? I’m actually looking forward to it! 

First Week In Review!

So it’s one week since I made the decision to try and get back into running! 

What’s happened so far? Well actually not a huge amount unfortunately.  Alas I didn’t manage to get out for a run after bonfire night, It’s been more about making choices and getting myself sorted.

I’ve started reading my Runners World book, Run Your Belly Off that I picked up from WH Smith last week. I’m about halfway through and so far it’s been a good read.  I’ll do a full review on this once I’ve finished it!

I’ve also been trying to be more active at work, going for a walk on my lunch and also trying to take a regular break from my screen.  This is something that I really struggle with as I have a job that involves me sitting at my desk for 95% of the day! 

So making sure I go for a walk at lunch really helps.  It also helps with steps on my Fitbit, although I’m still not hitting the 10,000 steps mark on a daily basis.

Here’s my Fitbit steps from last week! Not a bad effort but still work to do!

I’ve skipped a few page in my book it seems the best advice and some of the plans in the back of the book all start with a couple of weeks of simply walking before starting to run so actually these weeks are allowing me to build up on my research.

A Good Read So Far – Full Review To Come!

Now I’m not a big fan of being a calorie counter but thought I should maybe have a go at logging what I’m eating on ‘My Fitness Pal’, especially with it now syncing with the Fitbit app.  So I started this last week and actually surprised myself with how well I was doing, although having soup every day for lunch certainly seemed to help on this.

I’m trying to stay under 2000 calories a day, which I did well at the start of the week but unfortunately was just over towards the end of the week. Eating out on Wednesday, Papa John’s on Friday and a homemade roast dinner on Saturday certainly didn’t help.  

Although a nice 2 hour walk on Sunday though helped burn some of these calories off!

Sunday Mornings 2 Hour Walk

So into week 2 we go and with a less busy social schedule I’m hoping that things should be a little easier food wise.  I’m also hoping that I can get a little more active with my steps and maybe nail the 10,000 mark a few more times this week.

I’m also trying to work out what day and time is going to be my weigh in.  I was thinking a morning would be better but need to make it consistent.

Anyway until next time!

Lets Do This! Run Your Belly Off!

So here we go, but where do we begin?

I the past I’ve tried to do the NHS Choices “Couch to 5k” plan but only got to week 3 or 4 before losing my motivation.

This time though I really want to do this and get slimmer, fitter and healthier. With a wedding round the corner in April I know I really need to do it this time and don’t want to let my partner down.


Blog page and twitter accounts set up – Check
New trainers purchased – Check
Some light running reading bought – Check

But what’s my first plan? Well I’ve bought the Runner’s World Guide “Run Your Belly Off!” so my first job is to sit down and read through this to get some ideas.

I’m thinking that my running days will probably be Tuesday & Thursday but all this I’ll confirm once I’ve caught up on things.

So here we go! Lets Do This!

Although it is bonfire night so it’ll be off to the Wilford Bonfire for some ‘Hog Roast’ and maybe some ‘Mushy Peas & Mint Sauce’ first before hopefully starting things properly tomorrow with some sort of run.